FourFold Games is a one-man Indie development studio based in London. I enjoy doing everything: coding, game art, music and sound.


My previous games include the fast-paced tetris-style puzzle game, 'Hyperlines', available for iPhone and iPad between 2013 and 2016 on the App Store.


Splash Image by DB7 (adobe stock standard license)
Font by Jovanny Lemonad (SIL open font license)
Music Eric Matyas (
Following Icons by Lorc, Skoll and Sbed on (CC 3.0):

[Allied star(Skoll), Fire(Lorc), Poison bottle(Lorc), Biohazard(Lorc), Electric(Sbed), Bright explsion(Lorc), Coma(Lorc), broken bone(Lorc), sightdisabled(Skoll), stopwatch(Lorc), Chemical bolt(Lorc), Terror(Lorc), backpain/aura(Lorc), Timetrap(Lorc)]

Various game sounds used under license from (license) and (license)

Following game sounds by Mike Koenig and Jaredi (CC 3.0):

[Footsteps metal(Jaredi), Sword swing(Mike Koenig), Grenade(Mike Koenig), Grenade explosion(Mike Koenig), Drawer opening(Mike Koenig), Dry fire gun(Mike Koenig)],

Copyright 2016 Jonah Wilberg and FourFold Games.